Girl with a tulip

Fire and Lace

Love is a storm
Thunder and lightening
Framed by quiet moonlight
A fusion of light 
Deeper than night
A sigh softer than cobwebs
Spun with anticipation.

I am lost in that dark
Dressed in satin and lace
Seduced by a spirit
Of fathomless fire
I curl to the touch
Of your fingertip.

* * *

The Mystery

The mystery of your mouth and the smile
that flickers softly at your lips
is a poem of sensuality and mute suggestion;
you beckon me with all the quiet of your being,
replete with power - remote, innate.
You stare and flood me with soft suggestions;
I come to you like newly-lit fire -
all hungry leaping flame, lighting our night.

You are dark and your quiet being suggestive
of a thousand nameless pleasures,
lost in night’s dark territories of shadow and feeling
you become my being, exploring territories
uncharted of the soul’s dark wastes.
I am a new land, submitting to your plunder,
yielding you my secrets and treasures,
and you are lost in my forests and deepest canyons,
a wanderer under the stars of my darkest skies.

The smile in your eyes is a lover’s secret,
moth-like you tease the wings of my flames;
All honey and dark molasses these moments,
we are lost in the dark, in the desert,
in the swelling oceans of this deepest dimension.
The storm passes over, rains deluge our deserts,
sighs rise from the streams of our melody,
our song at last sung and completed.
Sweet is the sleep of the soul in such lands beyond caring,
when the heat of such sun yields to night’s soft repletion.

'The Kiss' (by Rodin) 

* * *

When you were here

When you were here
calmness reigned across a timeless day -
as sunshine in a barely-clouded sky;
we lay together and long nights through
we breathed the dusk and purple scent
of love-lain sheets.

When you were here I touched you in the morning,
early before the dawn,
remembering the night we joined in kisses
and hungrier embraces -
savage caresses and wanton moments;
to lie at last in rest with arms enlaced,
you stroked me softly as a kiss and kissed me.

When you were here we danced to Latin rhythms,
wined and dined in lazy pleasure.
When you were here how could I dream
that time and distance could ever sever
in such completeness this unity -
as lost as paradise.

* * *

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