Monday, 16 May 2011

Strangers and Lovers

Stranger and lover
you are near, yet so far,
I don’t know who you are;
so look in my eyes and
renounce your disguise.

Locked in your world,
beyond a high wall,
so near yet so far -
open the door
and show who you are.

Silent as night,
as an owl in flight
you say not a word;
but your eyes talk of worlds
a million miles far.
I would know who you are.

Lover and stranger,
twin rivers we flow
from mountain to sea -
waters apart
at the end as at start;
how should I know
the being you are,
you are always so far.

Our love was a spring
united as one
as all love should be;
all rivers at last
must join in the sea.

So how can it be
you are so far from me
yet here by my side?
You lay as if stone,
too deeply alone,
touch me and see,
you are too far from me.

Open your heart
and be one of the free;
have the courage to be
one spirit with me.

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